Access Control

Anytime. Anywhere. Any Device.

Smart Access Control


Control who, when, and where access is authorized for the protection of your employees, businesses and property. Access control provides your business with access monitoring, audit trails, and assett management – always know who, when and where access has been granted. As the business owner, you have the ability to grant various tiers of access to individuals and easily keep track of where they go and what they access.

The system can be combined with intrusion detection and monitoring for a complete integrated commercial security system. The mobile app allows you to remotely use your smart device to access any door you’ve been granted access to. You can remotely open (unlock) doors from the app, using your smart device, anywhere an internet connection is available.

Remote Access

Unlock any door with the push of a button on the mobile app. Only entry ways matching the user’s permission levels will be available to unlock. Quickly “favorite” frequently used entryways, saving them to the home screen and giving users the ability to remotely unlock their entrances faster.