Email Protection & Encryption

Protection From Online Threats

Businesses of all sizes get hit by the same advanced attacks that target large organizations. You need a security solution that is just as effective. Our Email Protection is packaged into a single interface. Get more security and less management overhead. AdvanTech can protect organizations from email threats including phishing, malware, spam, and other forms of objectionable or dangerous content by leveraging the leading technologies in a suite designed for small business.

Our applications are compatible with Microsoft Office 365, available in several tailored packages, created to meet the varied business needs, feature requirements and budgets of SME customers.

At AdvanTech, we also offer advanced monitoring services using our proprietary advanced email security monitoring. This service provides comprehensive email security platform including advanced encryption technology and real-time threat monitoring. Our team of experts leverages our monitoring service to monitor our customers’ email communications around the clock, detecting and responding to potential threats in real-time.

We take our customers’ email security seriously. That’s why we offer our Email Security services to businesses looking to stay ahead of cyber threats. Contact us today to learn more about our services and how we can help safeguard your email communications.

Our Email Security service utilizes advanced technology to filter out potential threats before they even reach our customers’ inboxes. We offer two main features to ensure the security of our customers’ email communications.

The first feature utilizes advanced threat detection and prevention technologies to detect and block malicious emails, attachments, and URLs. Our system scans incoming emails for indicators of malicious activity and stops them from reaching their intended recipients. This feature provides our customers with a first line of defense against phishing attacks, ransomware, and other email-targeted cyber threats.

The second feature utilizes advanced email encryption technology to ensure the privacy and security of our customers’ email communications. Our system encrypts outgoing emails, making it nearly impossible for unauthorized users to access sensitive information. This feature provides our customers with peace of mind that their confidential information remains secure and private.


Winning Best SME Security Solution in the SC Awards for 2 consecutive years

Automated Email Encryption

Email Protection & Encryption is built to help small and medium enterprises reduce the potential negative impacts of data loss by automatically encrypting email. The need to secure communications that contain sensitive data has never been greater. Fines, negative publicity and loss of customer trust await companies, both large and small, who lose confidential or customer information.

Smaller organizations rely heavily on email to do business but cannot justify the cost of building a highly redundant messaging infrastructure. A few minutes without email may be manageable but what about a few hours or a few days Keeping business email running as normal even when disaster hits is crucial to the smaller enterprise.

In today’s ever-changing threat landscape, businesses need an affordable enterprise-class solution that can protect them from advanced threats. Dridex, and Locky, the malicious attachment threats, remain hugely popular among cyberattackers. And non-malware threats such as credential phishing, business email compromise (BEC) are leading to more and more stolen data and fraudulent money transfers. We take a unique approach to protecting against the entire threat landscape. AdvanTech leverages enterprise-grade technology to protect small and medium-sized businesses.

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