Cloud-based Fax Solutions

Achieve 100% error-free Fax-Over-Internet using Fax-over-IP Solution which is the most reliable, best performing, analog-to-analog fax service on the market. Its as easy as choosing a fax number, plugging in your fax machine into the on-premise appliance and letting our service take it the rest of the way. Stop worrying about failed faxes; get rid of your T.38 fax setup and guarantee your faxes with AdvanTech’s Cloud Fax Solution.

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Cloud Fax includes

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    Receive Faxes Anywhere

    Not at the office to receive a fax? No Problem! Our Cloud Fax solution can send faxes directly to your inbox!

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    Fax Distribution

    Send faxes to a group of email addresses if you like so that nothing gets missed.

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    Professional Installation

    Cloud Fax service is configured by one of our in-house VOIP engineers so you don’t have to do any heavy lifting.

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    Web Fax Applications

    Send & receive faxes through a web application 

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    Go Paperless

    Say goodbye to paper with our Cloud Fax solution! 

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    Saves You Money!

    Our Cloud Fax starts at just $20 per month!