Adam Orsak

Chief Executive Officer

Adam Orsak is the founder and Chief Executive Officer of AdvanTech. He founded AdvanTech in 2015 to fulfill his vision of partnering with clients to provide the best quality of technology solutions. Integrity and honesty are keystones to Adam’s business model, and he has garnered client appreciation and loyalty because of this.

Adam began his passion for technology when, at only 12 years old, he built his first computer using money he earned providing landscaping services. Later, Adam continued his passion for technology by continuously working in the computer field. He began as an entry level technician fixing consumer computer problems, and progressed to the senior engineer overseeing IT operations for several clients in middle Georgia. It was during this time that Adam developed his passion and philosophy of “customer focus first.” Adam recognized that satisfying the customers’ IT solutions was the key to success for both the customer and himself. Through his experience, Adam developed his own approach to solving technology problems while keeping his clients extremely happy and satisfied.

In February 2015, Adam had a bigger vision of providing his IT services using the proven methodologies that he had developed over the years. Adam founded AdvanTech to deliver this vision that has now grown to hundreds of clients. As the number of satisfied clients grew, AdvanTech’s support staff has also grown. However, the customer-focused vision remains the same as day one. To satisfy the many technology needs of his clients, Adam recognized the need to expand the portfolio of solutions provided by AdvanTech. Today, AdvanTech provides a lot more than just fixing computers including managed computers and telephone solutions, disaster recovery, security cameras, email filtering and hosted server solutions. Adam is always reviewing the needs of current and potential clients in an effort to find other areas for expansion.

Outside of work, Adam enjoys spending time at the lake with his family. Adam grew up in Warner Robins and now lives in Gray, Georgia.


Qualifications :
Licensed Low Voltage (GA) (LVT305578)
VoIP Certified Engineer
Parallels Certified Engineer Certified Engineer
Acronis Certified Engineer
Area of Expertise : Server Administration, Office 365, Network Design, Telephony Support, Network Security, EMR Application Support